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DevOps was once sufficient for software developers. But DevOps failed to account for security and compliance relative to software development. And today's hackers use advanced exploits to launch cyber attacks that can cripple an organization and put its employees and customers in danger. If software developers cannot identify cyber exploits, they risk releasing products that contain malware, viruses and other security flaws.

At Elaborit, our expert software developers and security teams work together to deliver the best-in-class DevSecOps to quickly identify and resolve security vulnerabilities before they can affect an organization's key stakeholders.

We deliver fully automated DevSecOps solutions to your organization and company providing a "baked-in" cybersecurity approach that tests and then delivers patches, updates and upgrades as they are released. We can implement these automated DevSecOps solutions into a cloud environment or as an on-premise solution.

We offer the following services:
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Ansible, Chef, Terraform
Container Orchestration - Kubernates
Workflow Design and Deployment
Configuration Management
Code Repository Development