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Field Support & Training

The rapid evolution of tech innovation sometimes leads to a gap between sophisticated systems and customer familiarity with how best to use them for maximum performance. Through a diverse portfolio of training solutions, we make the complex easy to learn and retain – wherever your people work, in the format that works best for them and supports the mission to perfection. Whether delivering off-the-shelf curriculum or custom-designed training for the release of a new product, system, or capability, ElaborIT possesses the expertise to achieve desired results.

Unlike most other companies, we never leave you with a product your company can’t properly use or support. Our integrated training enables us to strive shoulder-to-shoulder with your personnel to ensure that they get the materials, information, coaching, mentoring, and training they need to successfully apply what they have learned. Our training consultants, developers, and instructors investigate a wide variety of outcomes-based alternatives. The flexibility we design into our training programs enables you to rapidly adjust to the changing technologies that define the physical and social human systems of today’s and tomorrow’s environments.

ElaborIT excels at developing flexible training programs and curriculum tailored to your needs, challenges and obstacles. We have been providing a wide variety of training courses and documentation for over 15 years to  the Department of Defense.

We offer the following services:
Field Support and "Over the Shoulder" Training
Course room Training
Quick Reference Guides (QRG)
Technical Manuals (TM)
Interactive Courseware with Simulations
Immersive Training
Instructional Systems Design
Video Training
Distributed Training